There is often a misconception that the use of paper has a negative impact on our environment, but it is one of the few truly sustainable and recyclable products in the world.
Paper is created from trees, which are a natural and renewable resource. Trees, like any other crop, go through the cycle of being planted, grown, harvested and replanted. When we consume forest products, it does not destroy our forests; instead, it helps to protect them for the long term as the land is not being used for development purposes. With over 4 million trees being planted every day, there are more trees in North America today than 100 years ago.

The lifespan of paper is extensive. Once we no longer need a paper product such as a newspaper, or flyer, we don’t simply throw it away, but we recycle it. Paper is the most recycled commodity and once recovered, it can then be used to make new paper-based products.