Copy paper, also known as bond paper, is a smooth uncoated sheet that is commonly used for office and business purposes, containing either wood fiber, cotton fiber or a mixture of both.

Cotton fibers give the sheet a more textured feel and prestigious look, which is why it is often used for letterhead and stationery. Additionally, a watermark may be applied to the sheet, denoting originality and distinguishing your printed piece from the rest.

The paper is available in basis weights of 20lb, 24lb, 28lb and 32lb; use the guidelines below to see which basis weight is right for your next project.

20lb Copies, faxes, memos Everyday use
24lb Copies, flyers, forms, reports, stationery Multipurpose, office printer, versatile
28lb Letterhead, stationery, brochures, presentations Minimal show through
32lb Letterhead, stationery, brochures, presentations, resumes, business proposals Minimal show through