A paper's finish refers to the texture, sheen, and any other qualities describing the paper's surface, ranging from smooth and sleek to rough and rustic. Read on for a closer look at available finishes.

Gloss is a coated paper that has a high sheen or “glossy” appearance. The coating prevents ink from absorbing, providing intense and vibrant images with an added shine. Often selected when looking to print fine details and high contrast imagery.
Dull/Silk/Satin/Velvet is a coated paper that has an intermediate gloss level. With a slight light reflection, this coating provides a high contrast between printed and non-printed areas. Great for illustrations, and black and white photos.
Matte is a coated paper with a flat or non-gloss surface. The toothy texture provides warmth and depth, making it excellent for printing images of people, fabrics, foods, and wood. The low glare surface offers easy readability. Ideal for text heavy projects.
Cockle has a non-uniform, rough surface that resembles handmade paper and is often used as a finish on bond papers. Great for stationery, reports, and newsletters.
Felt has a distinct weave pattern created by felts being applied by hand or machine during the papermaking process. Ideal for embossing, foil stamping and letterpress printing.
Fiber is a finish that has specs of fiber particles dispersed across the surface of the paper. Great for when you want to achieve a more natural or earthy look.
Kraft is a natural brown sheet that gives your creations a more rustic appearance. Commonly identified as the material used in paper grocery bags, this sheet is strong, durable and can be used for a variety of crafts.
Laid is an embossed paper that has a unique linear pattern formed by a dandy roll. Chain lines (wide-spaced lines) run parallel to the grain of the paper and are intersected by laid lines (narrow-spaced lines) to create the ribbed appearance. Ideal for corporate identity material, reports, stationery and presentations.
Laser paper is specifically designed for laser printers and copiers. This smooth sheet is ideal for printing high resolution images, providing crisp and vibrant results.
Lineal, also known as grooved or columns, is an embossed finish that has a linear pattern that adds dimension to your projects. Ideal for corporate identity material, stationery and greeting cards.
Linen is an embossed paper that has a crosshatch pattern, which resembles a linen cloth. Ideal for corporate identity material, reports, stationery and presentations.
Metallic paper has a coating of super fine mica crystals. The mica coating creates an iridescent finish as the crystals reflect light. Great for making invitations, business cards or greeting cards.
Smooth is an uncoated paper that delivers crisp images. A perfect choice for fine line illustrations, photographs, corporate identity material, catalogs and newsletters.
Tyvek is a synthetic material that is known for its durability, recyclability and resistance to moisture. It is used for a variety of purposes, but is well known for its use in catalog envelopes.
Vellum, not to be confused with transparent vellum, the vellum finish (also commonly referred to as Antique or Eggshell) is an uncalendered paper with small ripples that create a toothy or rough texture. This particular finish provides a more natural appearance to your finished pieces.
Wove has a woven pattern impressed by a dandy roll. The pattern is almost undetectable, which is why many refer to it as having a smooth, uniform surface. Ideal for corporate identity material, reports, stationery and presentations.