TYPE #6 ¾ #9 #10 Monarch
SIZE 3 ⅝ x 6 ½ 3 ⅞ x 8 ⅞ 4 ⅛ x 9 ½ 3 ⅞ x 7 ½
With an opening along the top, diagonal seams, and a commercial-style flap, Commercial envelopes are the classic choice for business and personal correspondence. The construction of this envelope allows it to be processed by inserting and sealing equipment, making it not only a classic choice, but an efficient one as well.
The simple seal envelope has self-adhering latex surfaces on the top flap and on the underside of the bottom flap. When the bottom flap is unfolded, and the top flap is pressed down, the flaps seal together.
Constructed with an opening along the top, side seams, and a large flap, the remittance envelope is the ideal choice if you are in need of a return envelope. Print your form on the inside flap or back to collect the recipient's information.
Add security with confetti tint printed on the inside or allow the name and address to show through on the enclosure with a window envelope.
The monarch envelope has diagonal seams and a triangular flap on its open side.