This sheet goes through an additional step during the papermaking process where a coating is added to the surface. The coating improves print production by capturing line details and creating sharp, high-quality images during the printing process. Coated paper can be classified into three finishes, Gloss, Dull & Matte, each producing different results.
As stated in the name, an uncoated sheet of paper does not have a coating. Its surface has a more natural appearance and a higher porosity, meaning it will absorb more ink than a coated paper.
C1S, or Coated One Side, is when a coating is applied to one side of the sheet. Typically used for projects that have imagery on one side (the coated side), and require a surface that can be written upon on the opposing side (the uncoated side), like a greeting card.
C2S, or Coated Two Sides, is when a coating is applied to both sides of the sheet. Ideal for flyers, advertisements, business cards and post cards.